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Our Story

We are West Coast Jade Co. Based in San Diego, CA and founded by two lifelong friends with an endless appreciation for Jade’s cultural and spiritual impact, we aim to share our love for this powerful stone with you, our Community. 

We bridge Eastern and Western cultures and bring you Jade in ways never seen before for future generations to enjoy its beauty and healing energy. All of our pieces are hand-carved and are often one-of-one designs. You will never get a piece of Jade exactly identical to another and that is the essence of Jade and people.  

Welcome to our store and the WCJC family, where we strive to create art and avenues of expression above all. Thank you for your support!


One cannot understate the importance of Jade in East and Southeast Asian culture over millennia. 

A stone that symbolizes love when gifted, spiritual power and healing when worn, and prosperity and strength when displayed – its reach is not limited to class, age, gender, sexual orientation, or race. From upper echelon to the everyday person, the accessibility of authentic Jade encompasses the values of an ideal, connected society.